Who is Lenora?

Hey Friends,
Let me introduce myself! I am Lenora…a wife, a mother of 2 crazy girls, and an entrepreneur with a mind that runs wild & free. I love love love good food & wine! I also thrive off of good books, poetry, music, art, fashion, & design. I have so much to say…where do I start?
Well, my life as a mother is pretty hectic! I have a crazy haired 3 1/2 year old girl, Pash, and a rambunctious 10 month old girl name Sura! They bring light, fire, and life to my world. They are both strong willed, tenacious, and full of the crazies! I love them to life…I just can’t stop kissing them!
I’m married to Adnen, my best friend & business partner. We met in Las Vegas, the land of dreams & love 😉 as Chefs! We both have a love and fascination for cooking & experiencing culture through food! Together, we have created Barsha Wines ( Wine Bar & Wine Shop ) in Manhattan Beach, which we opened almost 4 years ago. Pash was born a couple of months after, so it’s definitely been a family experience!
We’ve also recently open “The Souk” in Manhattan Beach. A home decor shop featuring artisan products from Tunisia, where my hubby is from! We carry vintage rugs, ceramics, clothing, jewelry, textiles…everything home decor! It’s been such a beautiful journey opening The Souk. To have the opportunity to showcase the artisans of such a well deserving country. Also to feature the women behind such fantastic product…these women behind the weaving, the hand-painting, the labor.
I’m just a women trying to figure life out as I go. I love not knowing the answers to life, but living out the question until I get a bit closer to the answer.
My mind is constantly moving, asking questions, wandering, trying to find purpose.
The feeling I get when feeding my girls till their tummies are bursting is the same feeling I get when I read a great book, listen to a fantastic vinyl…when I’m exposed to a great mind.
I love love love my family, I love being an entrepreneur… I love life!
I’m so excited for you to join me on this adventurous journey!

Peace & Love-

2 thoughts on “Who is Lenora?

  1. Hello Lenora!
    You and I met at Manhattan Beach Fair in October. I couldn’t leave the fair without the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS rug from Marrakesh. If you’d like to see pic of it in my home, please send me your email address. It is the most perfect piece of art for my style. It took months to get it on wall but the MOST BEAUTIFUL RUG IN THE WORLD is now displayed properly. Everyone who sees it loves it too! Thanks from Ali

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