Who is Lenora?

Hey Friends,
Let me introduce myself! I am Lenora…a wife, a mother of 2 crazy girls, and an entrepreneur with a mind that runs wild & free. I love love love good food & wine! I also thrive off of good books, poetry, music, art, fashion, & design. I have so much to say…where do I start?
Well, my life as a mother is pretty hectic! I have a crazy haired 3 1/2 year old girl, Pash, and a rambunctious 10 month old girl name Sura! They bring light, fire, and life to my world. They are both strong willed, tenacious, and full of the crazies! I love them to life…I just can’t stop kissing them!
I’m married to Adnen, my best friend & business partner. We met in Las Vegas, the land of dreams & love 😉 as Chefs! We both have a love and fascination for cooking & experiencing culture through food! Together, we have created Barsha Wines ( Wine Bar & Wine Shop ) in Manhattan Beach, which we opened almost 4 years ago. Pash was born a couple of months after, so it’s definitely been a family experience!
We’ve also recently open “The Souk” in Manhattan Beach. A home decor shop featuring artisan products from Tunisia, where my hubby is from! We carry vintage rugs, ceramics, clothing, jewelry, textiles…everything home decor! It’s been such a beautiful journey opening The Souk. To have the opportunity to showcase the artisans of such a well deserving country. Also to feature the women behind such fantastic product…these women behind the weaving, the hand-painting, the labor.
I’m just a women trying to figure life out as I go. I love not knowing the answers to life, but living out the question until I get a bit closer to the answer.
My mind is constantly moving, asking questions, wandering, trying to find purpose.
The feeling I get when feeding my girls till their tummies are bursting is the same feeling I get when I read a great book, listen to a fantastic vinyl…when I’m exposed to a great mind.
I love love love my family, I love being an entrepreneur… I love life!
I’m so excited for you to join me on this adventurous journey!

Peace & Love-