Why I Marched…

Hey friends, as you all know, the start of 2017 has been quite the emotional roller coaster. I have personally hit my lowest and my highest points all in the same week. As I watch the news, I question myself over and over…HOW DID WE GET HERE? How is a misogynistic, narcissistic, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, racist, fascist, deceitful, feckless, egotistical, self-obsessed, inarticulate, insulting, unfit, bigoted megalomaniac running the white house? The moral knitted quilt of our society coming undone in a matter of sloppy seconds. Human rights, women rights, gay rights…how did everything we fought so damn hard for as a society, bite us back in the ass? How did we go from a dynamic leader that had the best interest of America to one that my daughter calls a “not nice” man? Ok, so America, we let ourselves down…how in the heck do we pick ourselves up? And how do we let our frustration and anger turn into action? We’ll enough about disappointment…LET’S DO SOMETHING & LET’S TALK ABOUT THE BEST DAY OF 2017!

Let’s talk about women, marching, positivity, inspiration, standing up, standing tall, action, good vibrations….

I have to tell you January 21st was absolutely one of the best days of my life! I knew I just had to be there to represent with my daughters…but lord did I know what I would end up taking back from this momentous, invigorating occasion. So I packed up my girls and drove out with my friend Cindy to Pershing Square…It seemed like everyone on the 110 was a women heading to the same celebration! When we arrived we were met with the most positive force of energy I’ve never quite experienced on such a large scale. My 4 year old Pash holding up her “The Future is Female” / “Yes We Can” sign touched me in the deepest way. Looking over at the tiny strength in my 15 month old Sura made me grin with pride. As we entered the march, my heart raced, tears welled up, and I thought to myself…THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL. That detestable taste in my mouth was overpowered by the sweetest taste of all…the taste of unity. What it really meant to be united. What it felt like to be a true American …THE POWER OF A WOMAN. To march right along my girls was empowering on every level. As a women, fighting for my rights gives me fire in the belly, but to fight for the well being of my daughters, don’t get me started. Fighting for my girls brings out the lion me…DON’T FUCK WITH AN ANGRY MAMA LION. The Women’s March helped me to believe once again that there is more good than ugly in the world. The good in us created this strong moving force that vibrated throughout the universe. We can let it continue to vibrate…we can all march in our own way, everyday. Let’s stand up to bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexism, dishonesty, hate …everything we fight for our kids not to be. Let’s fight for the America that we want our children to grow up in…a wholesome, just, progressive America, with a government working for us…the people. Let’s STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT…even if fear is staring us in the eye. Enough accepting wrong just because it’s out of our reach, let’s USE OUR VOICE each and every day. CREATE THE WORLD YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN, TODAY.

So why did I march? I marched for the good in humanity. I marched for my sisterhood. I marched for our daughters. I marched for America.

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