My May Journey

Hey! I’m back! I kinda feel like I’ve been on a sabbatical this month! What a journey I’ve been on…physically, emotionally, everythingly…

Let me just say that it feels so good sitting on my bed with my laptop looking outwards and just reflecting…digging deep within my soul to grab onto gratitude, happiness, contentment, and just peace.

Sometimes life takes you through so many winding tunnels. Your so focused on trying not to hit the wall, that you keep your head straight towards the road instead of looking up, down, and around to fully grasp the whole of life that surrounds you.

This month has truly been an eventful one full of great events, people & energy. But I’ll be honest. I’m wiped out!

As a budding entrepreneur, I want to be exposed to as many opportunities as possible, and don’t want to turn down ones that could potentially change the course of my career… but in the midst of career growth, my needy little insides are crying out to me….nourish me, fill me up…don’t forget about me…Hello out there?

How do I keep up with me? How do I keep up with my family? How do I keep up w/ my ambitions and dreams? How do I keep all the balls in the air most of the time?

We’ll let me tell you…I wish I had all the answers!

I can only tell you what seems to be working for me this very moment. I’m sitting. I’m breathing in and out slowly. I’m letting my mind wander. I’m looking at my dog in front of me sleeping…snoring. I’m thinking about what makes my heart truly happy. I’m thinking about my crazy little girls…at how my 4 year old lights up when her daddy calls her chunky monkey while riding on his back…and how my almost 20 month old with her feisty energy turns her head and looks at me with the side of her eyes when she’s done something naughty. I’m thinking about how happy I am this very moment…writing…giving love to my soul.

I’m happy to be free. Free to be happy.

I’m in this moment fully.

And because I’m at this place, it’s much easier to tackle the whole of life.

Lesson learned: If a ball falls, pick it up, look at it, then throw up right back up in the air…because life is just too damn short to keep it on the ground for too long.


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