Fight for your Right…to Love

Do we truly know how it feels to fight for the right to love…fighting to simply be validated as your full self with no reservations?

I know first hand of the struggles that come along with trying to fully be me, my thoughts, my heart…and everything that comes with me in an extremely restrictive setting. That limiting atmosphere was religion…and it ingrained within me a sense of guilt for wanting to express me in all it’s forms. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to fly and completely live my truth. Every single one of us has our own unique truth. And if we cannot live that truth fully, then whats the point of it all?

Many of us have a harder fight… especially our LGBT community. I can only imagine being born a women, but knowing deep down I was really a man, or not being able to love another being in public because they so happen to be the same sex.  Well, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the equality/ pride/ resist march last month. I felt it was an ample opportunity to expose my girls to such a momentous & prideful occasion. It was quite challenging getting there, but “I had this feeling all in my bones” and my determination was the fuel that got us there.  I put on our rainbow apparel and Pash & I created our glittery & cheerful “Fill the World w/ Love” sign. A sense of empowerment came from working together with my girls on that sign. We pack up the car…and we head to West Hollywood!

So Pash asks, what’s this march for? I explain…We’re marching because all boys and girls are equal, and we all should be allowed to love whomever we want to love. Oh yeah… and we’re marching to say no to hate and to Trump. She easily understands, and holds up her sign with a happy grin & such pride! We head down Santa Monica Blvd.

What a sight! So many colors…so much freedom….so much love. I didn’t see gender or fear, I just saw humans that were walking as one united human race. Freedom to be is what every single human on this earth deserves…and this freedom was flowing freely throughout this beautiful crowd.

What is my job as a mother? To ensure that my girls grow up to be strong, confident, and empathetic human beings…and expose them to the vastness of love.  I am so blessed to have them by my side in this march called life. Let us all fight for the right to love, our right to be equal, our right to use our voice in our own way every day.