Haircuts of Hope

In Tunisia, I had the opportunity to get my very first haircut at a barber. I usually buzz my own hair, but since it was a challenge in Tunisia, I decided to accompany Adnen to “the best Barber” in Fouchana! (the humble town Adnen grew up in) I knew exactly what I wanted…a close buzz paired with a heart in the back. There were a couple of clients before us, a boy about 8, and a young man with a scruffy face and curly top. I saw the instantaneous evolution of both of these young men, and was amazed at the precision of their cuts from their parts to zig zags running throughout. The boost in confidence I witnessed was magical. These were literally haircuts of hope. An instant boost enabling them to walk into their realities with more confidence. After my fly cut, I left w/ a more uplifted me. It just made me think how important it is to do whatever it takes to give us that constant, even daily boost, to go into each day with more optimism and hope.

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