Jamoulti’s Beautiful

During my travels to Tunisia, particularly in Kelibia, I had the pleasure to bump into a special man name Jamoulti. Jamoulti in Tunisian means “my beautiful”. The name in itself…I mean come on! Jamoulti is a man of his 70’s of Tunisian decent. He’s about 5 ft. with an ultra tanned wooly body adorned w/ tight short jean shorts and topped w/ a mighty white mohawk!

He showed us his museum of his most esteemed pictures and fashion statements. From his typical shirtless attire to fancy traditional Tunisian dresses. Upon observing this sort of alter in homage of him, I was deeply inspired by this man who was his fullest self with no reservations.

A man living out his fullest expression of self despite religious, gender, and age restrictions. Jamoulti…a man free…a man freely living his beautiful.

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