Jamoulti’s Beautiful

During my travels to Tunisia, particularly in Kelibia, I had the pleasure to bump into a special character in the form of a man. A man name Jamoulti. Jamoulti in Tunisian means “my beautiful”. The name in itself…I mean come on! Jamoulti is a man of his 70’s of Tunisian decent. He’s about 5 ft & some with an ultra tanned & wooly body adorned only with short & tight jean shorts, and topped off w/ a tiny yet mighty white mohawk!

He showed us his museum upon arriving to Kelibia. A museum of his most esteemed pictures and fashion statements. From his typical shirtless attire to fancy traditional Tunisian dresses. Upon observing this sort of alter in homage of him, I was deeply inspired. This man was his fullest self with no reservations.

A man living out his fullest expression of self despite religious, gender, and age restrictions. Jamoulti…a man free…a man freely living his beautiful.


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